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An evangelist, author, teacher and lyricist with uncompromising faithfulness to the Holy Scriptures, Evans brings clarity and a message of necessity to Christians to uncover the unseen riches in God’s word.

Born in a village called Mukerian, Punjab, India in 1988, Evans began his evangelistic career at a very young age of nineteen. In spite of many hurdles, challenges and obstacles Evans did not deviate from his work but continued to follow the path, which God gave him through vision and calling. Belonging to a family of meagre means Evans, at a very young age of twenty-two established an NGO called TWCO [Together We Can Organization], which is registered under the government of India.

Over the years, Evans has established churches, taught, preached the word of God and brought many souls to the kingdom of God. Evans has written and composed a number of Biblical songs and authored a few books, which are yet to be published and he provides daily devotion for a solid spiritual foundation to many people as well.

Evans uncompromisingly stresses on correct interpretation, understanding and application of the Word of God as it should be applied by each individual being a New Testament believer.

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